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ProExtender System Penis Enlargement On The Market Today

Pro-Extender™ System

There are a number of traction devices on the market today that claim to enlarge the penis, but one of the best is the ProExtender system, designed by a Danish surgeon who specializes in penis augmentation - Jorn Ege Siana. The device was developed in 1994 as an alternative to the surgical option. Since it's development, the results of using the ProExtender system have been studied by many doctors, and it has been recognized as a successful alternative to surgery for penis enhancement for many years throughout Europe and, more recently, in the United States.

The system is now recognized as one of the leading traction systems available today. And now the ProExtender company is adding to it's attraction by producing a special system, not only designed for the device, but also for the other associated products that compliment the device. This package consists of the following:

What is the ProExtender™ System?

The Multi-Faceted Approach to Building a Better Penis - The ProExtender™ System is a compilation of ALL the latest penis enhancement and enlargement methods … combined effectively to give you the best results you can get.

1. ProExtender™ Penis Enlargement Device
One of the leading penile traction devices, and one that does not lead to any discomfort. Use of the device leads to a balanced growth of the tissues of the penis. This is a natural process that actually results in fresh tissues resulting in a penis with increased length and diameter.

2. VigRX™ Penis Enhancement Pills
Taking these pills over the course of a month will increase endurance, sexual energy, improve performance, and heighten pleasure. Used in the ProExtender system, the flow of blood to the penis is improved, which helps in the building of fresh tissue produced from the use of the traction device.

3. Semenax™ Increase Semen Volume
The use of these pills will not result in any increase in penis size, but the ingredients can produce an increase of around 500% in the volume of semen produced when ejaculation occurs. When the length and power of the contractions experienced at the time of ejaculation increase, the resulting orgasm will be heightened proportionately.

4. The For Men Only™ - Penis Enlargement Exercise CD E-Book
This brings the whole ProExtender system together in the form of instructions, CD E-Book, pictures and various exercises that will assist in penis enhancement. Other advice concerning a number of sexual and other health related problems are also included. There are also references to a range of other techniques that will result in an improvement in penis size.

5. In Conclusion
If you're looking for a proven and reliable penis enhancement system, with the added benefits of firmer erections, improved staying power and performance, heightened orgasm intensity, and increased sperm volume and ejaculatory power, then users of the ProExtender system will probably experience these results within a few weeks. The system is a completely safe and natural method for enhancing length and girth. There is no need for painful surgery, and the system is quite simply the best on the market.

Users, doctors and studies agree:
The ProExtender™ System combination of a scientifically developed penis enlargement device, PLUS all-natural clinically proven performance enhancers, PLUS semen volume increasers, PLUS the For Men Only Instructional CD E-Book = the best thing to happen to your sex life, your confidence and your manhood, EVER!

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