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Vimax Volume Pills Review

There are many male enhancement products on the market, but some offer a different benefit than others. Volume products focus on increasing the amount of a man's ejaculation for longer orgasms and a more satisfying sexual experience. The product claims to be made of all natural herbal ingredients that provide absolutely no negative side effects.


What is Vimax Volume?

Vimax Volume is an herbal supplement that promotes a more satisfying sexual experience by increasing semen production. The increased production results in fuller, more powerful ejaculations. Other benefits of Vimax Volume include:

  • Higher quality of sperm

  • Improved fertility

  • Harder, longer erections during intercourse

  • Increased sexual pleasure for a man and his partner

The formula in Vimax Volume is designed to help all the components of the male reproductive system work together in harmony for the best sexual experience. In addition to promoting better health of the testicles, prostate gland, vas deferens, seminal vesicles and ejaculatory ducts, the formula also protects the system from negative effects of the environment and the aging process.

Vimax Volume Ingredients

To promote the health of the entire male reproductive system and improve the quality and volume of ejaculations, Vimax Volume contains the following ingredients:

  • Lingzhi – This mushroom can be found throughout the globe and has been used in Eastern medicine for more than 4,000 years. The Vimax Volume website does not specify what the specific benefits of Lingzhi are when used in this formula. However, it has been described as the "mushroom of immortality" in some cultures, so anti-aging benefits may be suggested.

  • FucusVesiculosus – This herb has been used for thyroid stimulation and is also helpful in patients with high cholesterol. While there does seem to be documented benefits of this herb, it is not clear why it is used for a volume enhancing product. However, a healthy thyroid may lead to a healthier reproductive system.

  • 4,5,7-Trihydroxyflavone – This herb has also been shown beneficial to good thyroid health and many believe it contributes to penile health as well. Some cultures have also used this substance as a complementary cancer treatment.

  • San Guo Mu – This ingredient regulates blood pressure and enhances blood flow, which is an important component to better erections. It can also make the penis more sensitive for more stimulating sex.

Other ingredients in Vimax Volume include Embelica officinalis, Hong hua fen, Xi lan rou gui, Tian men dong, Xian mao, Dong chong xia cao, Ku gua and Maltodextrin. While there is nothing wrong with this list of ingredients, there does not appear to be anything to earth-shattering either. This product may improve health overall, but there doesn't appear to be anything in particular to address more voluminous ejaculations.

Cons of Vimax Volume

  • The ingredient list does not include particularly potent ingredients. Consumers should wonder about the overall effectiveness of the supplement.

  • The product only comes with a 60-day guarantee. While any money back guarantee is a good thing, many companies offer a minimum of a 90-day guarantee.

  • The product page does not appear to include precise dosing amounts for the ingredients, so it is difficult to determine just how effective the formula might be.

  • Testimonials on the website seem to refer to penile enlargement, rather than improved ejaculations.


How to Take Vimax Volume

The product website does not provide specific dosing details for Vimax Volume, but it does state that most men begin to see results within one month from beginning the supplement. Customers can order one bottle of Vimax Volume from the product website for about $60. Discounts are available for multiple purchases. The website does not specify how long a bottle of Vimax Volume lasts.



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